Boom Recorder

Boom Recorder 7.25.1

32 channel audio recorder

Boom Recorder is an easy to use audio field recorder, which can be used in combination with high resolution audio hardware, to record up to 32 channel with timecode. Boom Recorder is perfect for recording audio on a film-set. Record isolated tracks for all actors and boom operator(s). Feed Boom Recorder the timecode signal on an audio input to sync sound to picture.

BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) is an industry standard audio file format, that can be used by most edit applications, which includes meta information like timecode: project, scene, take and notes. Extra information like channel assignments and timecode speed are stored in a iXML-chunk, an emerging new standard for metadata. The QuickTime recording function makes it possible to import timecode with the audio for film-makers that use Final Cut Pro 5 in their post production chain.

When you need to record a long concert, you need a simple application that just records many channels of audio for hours on end. Boom Recorder is able to record for hours by recording from one file to the next on each 2 GB boundary.

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Boom Recorder


Boom Recorder 7.25.1

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    "The best audio recording software available, bar none"

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